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Did Life On Earth Came From Space? Scientists Find Clues – Pentagon Post

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Did Life On Earth Came From Space? Scientists Find Clues – Pentagon Post

There’s a big question that goes unanswered all the time whether life on Earth came from space. However, a new report suggests scientists have found some clues to it.

Researchers have found amino acids may be scattered across the solar system and it is created by the bombardment of high-speed comets into the icy moons of Saturn and Jupiter as well as rocky planets like the Earth.

Amino acids are chemical building blocks which are required for life.

Did Life Came On Earth From Space. Scientists Find Clues

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s physical chemist Nir Goldman said, “Amino acids have very basic starting materials — you need some kind of carbon source like methane or carbon dioxide, a nitrogen source like ammonia, and water ice… Comets have all these things in abundance.”

He added further, “Amino acids are just one of the things that are formed, but they are almost guaranteed to form.”

Goldman has been working since 2006 on shock synthesis theory, which predicts the cause of chemical bonds and the new formed bonds from comet when it hits rocky or icy body. He tested his theory earlier using elaborate computer models in the lab with his team.

In the later stage of testing with Mark Price from University of Kent in England, Goldman said, “What is interesting about this work is that the amino acids could be synthesized regardless of the chemical conditions of the impact site… In that sense, a comet could hit Earth, or a moon of Saturn or Jupiter and the same process would occur.”

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