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Free Education? The Debate Over Singapore Budget 2014 – Oye! Times

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Free Education? The Debate Over Singapore Budget 2014 – Oye! Times

The Singapore Budget of 2014 was the topic of debate amongst Members of the Parliament (MPs) this Monday who raised issues related to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and their reach towards technology. All the MPs appreciated the fact that the Pioneer Generation has been kept in mind while making the Budget and has been made the center of 2014’s Budget.

“The introduction of the PIC+ scheme for the SME is a big tax change in the Budget and sends a signal that the government will support SMEs who want and can make sustainable investments to restructure their businesses,” said East Coast GRC MP Jessica Tan. While MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC Liang Eng Hwa stated that “While by and large, Singaporeans are satisfied with the service delivery by the government agencies, it is often the last five per cent of the delivery that are left to be desired. Take for example, the recently opened MCE. A wonderful expressway; we spent a few billion dollars on it but when it comes to the opening we could have done better in terms of communicating, so that’s the five per cent I’m talking about.”

Nominated MP Laurence Lien debated over the ever increasing managing costs of the Singaporeans. He stated that lower costs would allow lower income to seem enough for a small family. He tried to convince the government to provide free education for children between three and eighteen years of age. “Tertiary education fees can be chargeable in the form of a loan whose repayment is a proportion of what the graduate actually earns in the workforce. Those going into lower paid professions, like in the non-profit sector, can receive loan forgiveness if they are unable to make full payment at the end of their loan tenure.”


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