Xbox One

Launching its next-generation gaming console hasn’t come without a couple defective bumps in the road for Microsoft.

The Xbox One hit store shelves Friday, tallying stellar sales. Microsoft says it sold 1 million consoles in less than 24 hours. Less encouraging for Redmond: the terrifying grinding sound reported by some Xbox One customers after they inserted a disk in their new console. Some new Xbox One owners say their new machines are unable to read games or Blu-ray movies.

Microsoft acknowledged the problem to IGN, after that site reported that one of its consoles showed symptoms of a dead-drive. Microsoft says the issue affects “a very small number” of Xbox One owners. “We’re working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program,” Microsoft told IGN. “Rest assured, we are taking care of our customers.”

Microsoft isn’t the only company contending with console launch woes. Sony’s PlayStation 4 reportedly faces issues with the “Blue Light of Death,” where the console pulsates a blue light and lacks any output signal to the TV. Sony says that the number of affected systems is fewer than 1 percent; it’s working with retailers to get the defected systems exchanged. The likely culprit for those PlayStation 4 problems? Shipping damage.

Despite the problems with some of its systems, Sony enjoyed a similarly successful console launch—like Microsoft, it sold 1 million PlayStation 4 units on the first day of sales.

Alex Cocilova Assistant Editor, TechHive

Alex covers desktops, everything from fancy to practical. He’s also an avid (addicted) gamer and loves following the industry.
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