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NYIAS: Asimo steals show from new Fit, HR-V in New York lineup – TechnologyTell

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NYIAS: Asimo steals show from new Fit, HR-V in New York lineup – TechnologyTell
Asimo Robot by Honda

Asimo Robot by Honda. (Brett Solomon photo)

I really like the new Fit. And the new HR-V that was announced made sense for a person who wants a cuter-ute than the CR-V.

But those two vehicles were upstaged by Honda’s walking robot, Asimo, which stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. The robot, coming up on its 15th birthday, has gone through puberty nicely. Rather than make awkward, unsmooth motions, Honda engineers have upped the processing power and dexterity of the little guy to truly wow the crowd — including jaded automotive journalists.

Asimo recognizes English and Japanese sign language commands. I’ll say this: Watching Asimo in person will have you guessing if someone is in the suit. And it really makes you want to go and buy one. However, the 20-minute battery pack will have your buddy hooked up to a cord most of the day. Fuel cell Asimo?

The bottom line is if Honda engineers can pull this off, how far away are we from Honda vehicles piloting themselves, with chauffeur Asimo built into a black telematics box?

Check the video and if you were sick at home with a bad cold tell me you wouldn’t want Asimo to cater to you. (Hat tip to CNET for getting good footage.)

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