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Pop royalty Timberlake and Jay Z join forces for Legends tour – The Detroit News

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Pop royalty Timberlake and Jay Z join forces for Legends tour – The Detroit News
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Pop royalty Timberlake and Jay Z join forces for Legends tourMusic’s most well-dressed superstars, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, are bringing their Legends of the Summer tour to Detroit’s Ford Field on Tuesday.

Detroit is the ninth stop on the 14-date summer run, which sees the two chart-toppers collaborating on each other’s hits. Timberlake and Jay Z have only recorded two songs together — “Suit and Tie” and “Holy Grail,” both from their respective 2013 albums (see sidebar) — but they have enough common ground between them to pull off a joint show.

Over the years, Timberlake and Jay Z have worked with similar collaborators, specifically Timbaland, who produced the bulk of both of their new albums. Pharrell Williams and the Neptunes have also been constants in both of their careers.

Moreso, what bonds them is a shared sense of royalty. Jay Z has long been hip-hop’s king and has taken hip-hop to levels previously unimaginable. His new album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” is rich with references to art and designers and is a testament to his elite lifestyle; it’s aspirational rap that is well schooled in its lavishness.

If Jay Z is a king, Timberlake is a prince. He returned to music this year after a seven-year hiatus with “The 20/20 Experience”; its follow-up is due in September. The arrival of “20/20” was toasted with “Suit and Tie,” a luxurious, grown-up anthem about hitting the town in style. It showcased a cool, mature Timberlake, the drama of the past behind him, his eyes focused on the present.

The two albums have been sales blockbusters. “The 20/20 Experience” was the year’s fastest-selling album, with 968,000 copies flying out of the stores its first week; it has since crossed the 2 million sales marker. “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” meanwhile, sold 528,000 copies its first week, becoming the year’s second fastest-seller.

The summer pairing was announced in February, a few days after Timberlake and Jay Z joined forces on this year’s Grammy telecast (they performed “Suit and Tie”). In a busy summer for stadium concerts, with Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Jimmy Buffett and Bon Jovi all playing football fields, the JT/Jay Z outing stands out as one of the season’s big dogs.

Reaction to the show has been positive, with early reviews noting how Jay Z’s street smarts and cool attitude complement Timberlake’s showbiz-trained and eager-to-please demeanor. Much like Jay Z and Kanye West’s 2011 Watch the Throne trek, the two stars share a good portion of the show together, rather than one opening up for the other.

Timberlake and Jay Z will both hit the road again, and their careers may continue to intersect. But this tour may be the only chance to catch them together in this capacity. When pop royalty collides, stand up and take notice.

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