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Shanghai’s 26-year mega-city transformation –

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Shanghai’s 26-year mega-city transformation –
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Shanghai's 26-year mega-city transformationThe images, taken last week and in 1987, highlight the breakneck pace of development that has turned Shanghai into a futuristic mega-city and made Pudong, the area to the east of its Huangpu river, one of the most recognisable skylines on earth.

The Shanghai Tower at the financial district of Pudong in 2013

At the heart of its blueprint was the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Area, a 12.27-square mile Chinese answer to Lower Manhattan.

A trio of spectacular skyscrapers were planned for China’s new financial hub: the 1,381ft Jin Mao Tower, which was completed in 1999, the 1,614ft Shanghai World Financial Center, which opened in 2008, and the Shanghai Tower, which held its “topping out” ceremony this weekend becoming China’s tallest building.

Pudong, which just a few decades ago was little more than a patchwork of paddy fields, is now home to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the city’s international airport and the unmistakable, futuristic Oriental Pearl Tower.

Speaking earlier this week, the Shanghai-born lead designer of the Shanghai Tower said his city’s transformation was like “a dream.”

“Some days you look at it and you still don’t believe your eyes. It’s incredible. It’s a miracle,” said architect Jun Xia.

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